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Bluetooth Controller For WS2812B RGBIC LED Strip Light 5V Addressable Light 3 Pin Connect

  • Supports both APP control and IR remote control;
  • Support automatic device connection and automatic re-connection when the APPturns on; Supportmultipledevicesgrouping control; Multiplesoundcollectionmethods:phonemic, playerstreaming,on-board mic;
  • Support modifyingthe device name, calibrate the RGB channel sequence, and timer function; Compatible withthe common single-line LED driver IC on the market,can drive upto 600 pixels;
  • Built-in 142 dynamiceffects, effect length adjustable,with favour effectscollecting function; Built-in18musiceffects,effect length adjustable, sensitivity adjustable;

Dream Colour 12V WS2811 RGBIC LED Strip 20Pixels/m Colour Change WiFi App Control Waterproof Full Kit Programming 5m/10m/15m/20m/25m

Features Affordable High Quality IC LED Lights: We aim to provide best balanced IC LED lights both for quality and cost.

IC Dream Colour 24V 5050 RGB LED Strip 20Pixels/m 10m In A Reel Waterproof Kit

Features 10m 24v Strip In One Reel: no voltage loss; save space; reduce wiring  Free plastic clip including to stop the strip dropping (2 clips

WS2812B RGBIC LED Strip Light 60LEDs/m Waterproof IP65 Addressable 5050 RGB USB TV RGB DC 5V Light Controller Dream Colour Laptop Background Light

  • Easy Connectable Strips: the strips can be connected up to 5m without voltage drop.
  • RGBIC & RGB: Thanks to built-in IC chips, the LED lights can display multiple colours at one time. Instantly transform any room in your home with vibrant lighting colour effects
  • Music Sync Mode: RGBIC LED Strip activated via music and ambient sound from your mobile phone App, which change colours and flashing speed. Also be lit according to external music.
  • Plug and Play: package comes with a Bluetooth Controller, WS2812b Flexible strip. It’s great for decorating dining room, kitchen, porch,garden,and living rooms. Simply plug in ant device with USB output and enjoy the colourful world.
  • These light strips with waterproof rate IP65 can be used outdoors but avoid direct to sun (except the controller and power supply) 
  • PCB colour: White